Corona Virus affecting your business?

Today's uncertain times may have you rethinking your business strategy.  It may be time to consider how you reach and interact with your customers and if you should build a heavier presence on the web.  Sales models for retail and other brick and mortar stores have faced constant pressure from Amazon and other on-line models.  If you thought it was too expensive or complicated to move on-line Dreamgineers can help.  We have experience with many on-line sales models and retail experience.  Contact us to discuss your needs and we can help you craft a short and long term solution to changing environments that compliment your current business model.

We can develop on-line sales stores in a matter of days! Contact us to get started.  We are not just coders, we are entreprenuers with experience owning our own retail businesses.  We know the details and make sure you know them as well.

Our Process
DREAMGINEERS makes it easy for you to contact us, and work with us. We assign a dedicated project manager to you as soon as Discovery begins. This means a single point of contact who will ensure you receive the product you envisioned.
How we communicate
The choice is yours. We can follow your preferences and use email, text or phone or Skype if that is your preferred method. We want to make it easy for you and ensure a successful project no matter what you are having made – a website, animated commercial, explainer video, or live actor video.
Selecting your project type
You will see we have several package options for each product type and all you have to do is select the item with the options you desire and the price range you are comfortable with. However, we will happily work with entirely custom projects. See our website for details or the attached list of prices.
Fill out our contact form and tell us what you are interested in. We will get back to you immediately, normally the same day if you are in PST zone.
The first step – Discovery
We’ll make it easy for you to think of what you want by emailing a questionnaire. Hey, who knows, you might need some ideas at the beginning, right? And we promise, it will be a short questionnaire – and mostly multiple choice! Once we get this back, we assign a manager who will review your input and get back to you.
Step Two - Planning
Your manager may have more questions – we promise they will be easy, not some grad school test – to clarify your project. At this time the manager will ask you to gather up any of your product images, backgrounds, staff photos, logos and other images or copy you want to include in your project.
A written confirmation will be sent out to confirm your intentions. This process will usually take 2-4 business days depending on response times.
Step Three – Implementation
After you sign your approval to the written confirmation you will be asked to make a down payment. The amount varies with the type of project. See milestone schedule below. Please note that many developers require 100% payment before they start work. We follow a method that we believe keeps you in control and us motivated to conclude our work on schedule.
o Website Development - 50% in advance, balance at project completion. You will be able to see a non-live sample of the site prior to approval.
o Animated Video - 50% in advance, balance at project completion. 
o Explainer Video – 50% in advance, balance at project completion. 
o Video – 50% in advance, balance at project completion.
o Live action Commercial - 25% in advance. 25% at script approval, 25% at rush approval, balance at final edit and turn over.
After payments are made and we agree on the work, we begin developing. During the process, we will provide weekly updates either via email, text or phone, depending on your preferences. These calls will be used to make sure we are still making exactly what you expect.
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